Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades in Melbourne

Cowlec has been providing Melbourne homes and businesses with electrical switchboard upgrades for many years now. Our team of licensed electricians have worked on countless electrical switchboard installations and have gained the experience necessary to resolve any type of problem that switchboards commonly experience. No matter how old your switchboard is, how it has been set up, or how complex the job is, you can rely on Cowlec’s team of switchboard electricians to get the job done promptly and safely.

Residential Switchboard Replacement

A lot of old households have porcelain fuse boards that are out-of-date and do not include an electrical safety switch. This is a fire and safety hazard that should be taken seriously. Cowlec strongly recommends that Melbourne homeowners get in touch with us to provide their property with a switchboard replacement that can help prevent electrical faults from hindering safety. A new switchboard comes with brand new safety switches and automatic trip circuit breakers that act to prevent the house’s occupants from getting electrocuted. A new switchboard will also ensure your appliances will not get damaged due to any electrical faults.

Commercial Switchboard Upgrades

Cowlec is well aware of how important it is for businesses to have a reliable and safe supply of electricity. That’s why we offer commercial switchboard replacement services to businesses in Melbourne. No matter what kind of business you run, our certified commercial electrician can help. We have the necessary training and experience in carrying out commercial switchboard upgrades and repairing all kinds of electrical mains.

Common Reasons Why Switchboard Upgrades Are Needed

  • The power regularly goes out when additional appliances are turned on.
  • Lights on the property flicker without any apparent cause.
  • Older switchboards aren’t capable of providing the same level of electrical safety protection that modern systems can.
  • Older switchboards often do not comply with current Australian electrical safety regulations.
  • Old wiring may get loosened over time, which can lead to overheating issues or cause a fire to start.
  • Older switchboards cannot meet modern electrical supply needs, which can cause them to overheat, make the circuit breakers trip, or become a fire risk.

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Switchboard upgrades can provide a range of benefits. An upgrade enhances safety and functionality of the electrical system by including advanced circuit protection devices such as circuit breakers or residual current devices (RCDs). These devices help to prevent electrical faults, tripped circuits and potential hazards. Upgrading a switchboard also allows for increased capacity to meet the growing electrical demands of a property.

A switchboard upgrade can involve replacing outdated components with newer ones to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. The wiring and connections may also be upgraded. In some cases, a complete switchboard replacement may be required if the existing switchboard is too old or damaged to be upgraded.

By replacing outdated or faulty components with modern circuit protection devices, the risk of electrical faults, short circuits and electrical fires is greatly reduced. Advanced devices like circuit breakers and RCDs allow for quick detection of electrical abnormalities, automatically shutting off the power to prevent potential accidents. Switchboard upgrades can also result in increased efficiency and better overall electrical system performance.

The duration of a switchboard upgrade depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the existing electrical system, the extent of the upgrade and the availability of our electricians. Generally, switchboard installations and upgrades can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Cowlec can provide you with an accurate estimate based on the specific requirements of your project.

Yes. Upgrading to a modern switchboard equipped with advanced circuit protection devices significantly reduces the chances of electrical faults occurring. Circuit breakers can detect and interrupt abnormal electrical currents, preventing short circuits that can lead to tripped circuits or electrical hazards.

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