Meter Panel Relocations

Meter Panel Relocation Services in Melbourne

If you have an old electric meter box that has been damaged, or if your property will be undergoing major renovation work, it’s a good idea to get it either relocated or upgraded. Cowlec has a team of licensed electricians in Melbourne who can help both residential and commercial customers with electrical meter box relocation, upgrade and repair. We can take care of every aspect of the meter box upgrade or repair service work required and ensure that the box is completely safe to use and complies with all relevant Australian electrical safety standards. No matter what the job requires, we can get it done for you in no time.

Residential Meter Panel Relocation

If you’re renovating your home, you may need to relocate your meter box or even get a brand new meter box installed that will safely provide your house with the electricity it needs. Cowlec can send one of our certified electricians to your home and carry out any necessary meter box upgrade, relocation or repair work. Our team are well-trained and well aware of all the electrical needs of contemporary homes. We can recommend a suitable meter box installation that will keep your family safe and your household appliances in proper working order.

Commercial Meter Panel Relocation

Cowlec’s team of expert commercial electricians not only have extensive experience when it comes to carrying out all kinds of commercial electrical work, but also understand how imperative it is to have a steady supply of power to keep your business operational. Having an insufficient supply of power can cause significant damage to appliances and equipment and therefore impact productivity. It can also be a huge safety risk for employees.

Cowlec can send an electrician to inspect your meter box to ascertain if your equipment and appliances are getting enough power. We can also determine if the box could potentially cause any safety issues in the near future, or provide meter panel relocation if it’s in an inconvenient location. We’ll then carry out any necessary meter box upgrade or repair work to get your business’s electrics compliant and in good working order.

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Meter box relocation may be necessary if the meter box is obstructed, damaged or in an inconvenient location. It may also be required during renovations or when changing the layout of your property.

The benefits of meter box relocation include improved accessibility for meter reading, compliance with regulations and increased safety. By moving the meter box to a more accessible location, it becomes easier for utility companies to read the meter accurately and for you to monitor your energy usage. Meter panel relocation can also help you comply with regulations related to meter box placement.

The process typically involves several steps. First, you should consult with our professional electrician to discuss the relocation process. We can help you assess the current situation and determine the best new location for the meter box. Our electrician will then disconnect the power supply, relocate the meter box and reconnect all electrical connections in the new location.

In Melbourne, there can be specific requirements and regulations for meter box relocation that are set by local authorities and utility companies to ensure safety. We recommend consulting with your local utility company and checking relevant regulations before proceeding with a meter box upgrade or relocation.

It’s essential that you hire a professional electrician for meter box relocation. This task involves working with electrical wiring and connections, which can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Professional electricians have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure meter box installation and relocation is done safely and in compliance with regulations.

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