Commercial Solar in Melbourne

Solar is an efficient and eco-friendly power source that can reduce how much you pay for energy and minimise your dependence on conventional power sources. As a leading supplier and installer of state-of-the-art commercial solar systems, Cowlec can accommodate all your commercial solar power requirements. We have provided commercial solar installations for Melbourne based businesses across various sectors for many years now, and we can help your business too.

Why Businesses Should Use Commercial Solar Systems

The cost of electricity is constantly increasing, and for businesses this can causes them to dip more and more into their profits. With this in mind, as well as the various government incentive solar power schemes available that businesses can take advantage of, many businesses are reaping the benefits of switching to solar power. Cowlec can provide effective commercial solar for Melbourne businesses that require an eco-friendly and unlimited energy supply that works in conjunction with conventional energy sources.

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems

There are multiple benefits to commercial solar installations in Melbourne. Solar power is a highly sought after energy source and a valuable asset for any company, especially if they use a high volume of power for their business activities. By installing commercial solar systems, businesses can drastically lower and have more control over their energy costs, protect themselves against ever-rising energy costs, and minimise their carbon footprint. If you wish to decrease the impact your business has on the environment and contribute towards building a sustainable future, commercial solar could be an option for your business.

Why Choose Cowlec?

As a leading provider of commercial solar in Melbourne, Cowlec has worked with many different businesses from various sectors. This has given us in-depth knowledge of commercial solar power solutions that will produce optimal results. We understand that different businesses have different power requirements, and we’re adamant about providing our clients with high-quality commercial solar systems that fulfil their needs.

Backed by an experienced team of certified technicians, we can implement various commercial solar power services. We will start by conducting an assessment to learn about your business’s energy needs before installing a solar panel system that provides optimal performance and is appropriate for your business’s energy requirements.

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How efficient commercial solar systems are can depend on the brand that’s used, the location the system is installed in and other factors. However, most systems operate at between 17 to 19% efficiency.

Every project is different, as the complexity and size of the project will affect how long the installation process takes. When carrying out commercial solar installations in Melbourne, we do our best to get the job done as quickly as possible to minimise disruptions. After our technician assesses your requirements, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeframe.

The best solar panel unit type and size for your business will depend on how much rooftop space is available and how much energy your business tends to use. Our commercial solar Melbourne team will conduct a thorough assessment of your energy usage needs before recommending a suitable system.

Commercial solar systems are available in 30kW, 50kW, 100kW and 250kW options. Cowlec can help you choose the right option for your business and its power supply needs.

While all commercial solar systems are different, most of them can produce between 350 and 400 watts of electricity.

Yes, there are government rebates and incentives available for commercial solar installations in Melbourne. At Cowlec, we keep up to date with the latest government rebate and incentive programs and can inform our business customers of any available rebates or incentives they’re eligible for.

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