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Smoke Detector Services in Melbourne

Cowlec has a team of highly qualified smoke alarm installers who can provide smoke alarm installation in Melbourne, as well as smoke alarm maintenance and testing services at affordable prices. Over the years, we’ve helped countless homeowners, landlords, business owners and other types of customers across Melbourne with our first-rate smoke detector services. We only install smoke alarms from leading brands and can help you with a smoke detector installation or CO2 detector installation service that ensures your alarm will work correctly and keep everyone safe. Cowlec completes every job in accordance with Australian Standards AS 3786-1993. Every smoke alarm electrician in our organisation is qualified and has the necessary training to carry out any type of smoke detector installation or CO2 detector installation service. After the job is complete, we’ll also provide records that state that your detector is compliant with all current legislation and that the position of your detector complies with the Building Code of Australia.

Services Offered by Our Smoke Alarm Installers

  • Smoke detector installation
  • Smoke detector servicing
  • Smoke detector cleaning
  • Battery replacement
  • Decibel testing
  • Smoke tests to see if the detector works correctly
  • Replacement of any faulty or expired units
  • And more
Smoke Detector Services in Melbourne
Smoke Detector Services in Melbourne

Residential Smoke Detector Services

All homeowners are required by law to have some kind of smoke alarm installed inside their home. Smoke alarms are essential to have to keep you and your family safe, alerting you of any fires that start inside your house. Cowlec provides first-rate residential smoke alarm installation in Melbourne that will ensure the smoke alarms in your property work at full capacity and are installed in suitable locations.
commercial Smoke Detector Services in Melbourne

Commercial Smoke Detector Services

All commercial properties should have a commercial grade fire alarm, as well as exit doors and standby power systems, helping to reduce the likelihood of any property loss, injuries or even deaths resulting from a fire. Cowlec can carry out smoke alarm installation for Melbourne businesses. Our certified smoke alarm installers will ensure that your system is compliant with Australian Standard AS 3786-2014 and all other relevant commercial smoke detector installation requirements.

CO2 Detector Installation

In addition to smoke alarms, Cowlec also offers a CO2 detector installation service. CO2 detectors provide additional safety to a building’s occupants, alerting them of any carbon monoxide leakages that may occur.

Enquire with Our Smoke Alarm Installers Today

To organise smoke alarm installation in Melbourne, call Cowlec today on 0401 870 936 or contact us online. Our smoke alarm electrician can install a suitable smoke alarm or CO2 detector to keep your property safe. We take immense pride in upholding a set of core values that define who we are as an electrical company. These values guide our actions, shape our culture, and drive us to deliver exceptional electrical services to our valued customers. When you choose us, you can trust that these principles will be at the forefront of everything we do.
Smoke Detector Services in Melbourne
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Why is it important to have smoke alarms and CO2 detectors installed?

Smoke alarm and CO2 detector installation is important to ensure the safety of your property and its occupants. Smoke alarms detect the presence of smoke to warn of a potential fire, while CO2 detectors monitor carbon monoxide levels to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. These devices provide an early warning so occupants can evacuate and seek help in case of an emergency.

How often should smoke alarms and CO2 detectors be tested or replaced?

Smoke alarms and CO2 detectors should be tested regularly by a smoke alarm electrician to make sure they’re functioning properly. It’s recommended to arrange professional testing annually to check devices for any issues and change the batteries. The devices themselves should be replaced every 10 years to ensure their effectiveness. Cowlec’s smoke detector services can take care of everything from testing and battery changes to device replacement.

Can you provide recommendations for the ideal locations to install smoke devices?

For optimal smoke alarm installation in Melbourne, our smoke alarm installers recommend placing one in every kitchen area, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. Each detector must be mounted on the ceiling or high up on the wall.

How should smoke alarms be placed, installed and maintained in a home-based environment?

When it comes to smoke detector installation in a home-based environment, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Typically, smoke alarms come with mounting brackets and screws. The alarms must be securely fastened and tested regularly to ensure their proper operation. You should also clean away dust and debris periodically to prevent any obstructions that may affect their function.

Are there any regulations or certifications associated with these devices?

Yes, there are specific regulations and certifications associated with smoke alarms and CO2 detectors in Australia. The specific requirements can vary between states and territories, so it’s important to check the local regulations to ensure compliance. Certifications such as the Australian Standard (AS) 3786 for smoke alarms and AS 1668.2 for CO2 detectors are important to ensure devices meet necessary safety standards.

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